Does insurance cover the cost of the retainer fee? You should check with your insurance company. However, most insurances do
not cover this cost. Certain plans (HSAs and FSAs, for example)
may be used to cover the retainer fee.
Do you take my insurance? We do not participate in any commercial or employer-sponsored insurance plans. Nor do we participate in Medicare. The retainer is out of pocket and covers the cost of the annual examination and any office or hospital visits. Any routine services available in the office are also included. Insurance is still required to cover the cost of outside testing, referrals, medications, and hospitalization.
How much is the annual fee?

Age <30 Age 30-50 Age >50
Individual $1100 $1650 $2200
Dependant $550

Can I meet the doctors before deciding to join? We welcome the opportunity to welcome you, show you our facilities and discuss the services we offer.
Is the practice taking new patients? The practice is limited to 300-400 patients per physician and a waiting list is maintained after that point. Please call for further details.
How do I reach the physician after hours? If there is an urgent need to speak with Dr. Taylor or Dr. Duvall, they are available 24/7 by cell phone simply by calling the office. At times, however, our staff will be taking the call to allow some flexibility in their personal lives. Additionally, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Duvall will have coverage by another internist should they be out of town.
How do I access email or my health information? Go to the patient portal and click on the link. This link will only be available to those already enrolled.