There’s nothing routine about this exam

We’re not sure where the phrase “routine annual physical” came
from, but we’re fairly certain it didn’t come from doctors. While
insurance companies and HMO’s may draw the line at a tap on
the knee, a look in your ear, and some blood tests, our annual
physical has been designed with the best interest of our clients
in mind. We investigate your family history, we exhaustively
assess your current health, and then provide a thorough, under-
standable report with a plan for the future.

Executive Examination

Complete review of personal and family history
Assessment of current cardiovascular and cancer risk factors
Assessment of current health maintenance needs
Complete physical examination
Vision/hearing screening
Fitness evaluation using a cardiac stress test
Carotid Intima Medial Thickness assessment
Ultrasound of the aorta
Ankle-brachial index
Pulmonary function testing
Body composition testing
Risk-factor analysis
Lab testing*
Referrals to specialists*
Full report to the patient with results
Specialized, individual plan for the year ahead
*not covered by annual fee