Doctor’s Orders

At Executive Medical Centers, we believe in giving you the best medical care, even if it is outside the walls of our offices. Our doctors have been practicing internal medicine in the Dayton area for decades, and in that time, they have had the opportunity to work with some of the most skilled specialists in the nation.
So, when you need specialty care outside the realm of our
services, you can be assured that we will not only personally introduce you to a premiere specialist, but we will also remain closely involved in the care that you are provided.

Making the Rounds

When you stay in a hospital, you’re subject to a virtual revolving door of doctors, nurses, and specialists that pass by your
bedside. You suddenly become the “man in 1301B” or the “woman down at the end of the hall.” At a time when you need the most personalized care, you become just another stop on their rounds.
Dr. Taylor and Dr. Duvall recognize the need for a coordinated approach to your treatment and will act as your advocate to assure that you’re diagnosed and treated properly throughout your stay. Though you may have a dozen visitors in lab coats sign your chart, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Duvall make sure that all of them are communicating properly to provide your best medical care.
To that end, if you’re hospitalized at Miami Valley Hospital, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Duvall will pay regular in-person visits. They will also visit as needed at Kettering Hospital.