Limited-Practice-SizeThese numbers are not healthy

For most Americans, the average face-to-face visit with your
doctor lasts about 6 minutes. Of course, this doesn’t include the
10 minutes you spend on hold trying to make the appointment,
the two days you have to wait to get into the schedule, the 30
minutes in the waiting room, and the eternity that you wait in the
exam room. Why? Because the average doctor in the Dayton
area sees about 2,500 patients a year.
The doctors don’t like this either. A recent survey from
Consumer Reports stated that 70 percent of doctors reported
that since they began practicing medicine, the bond with their
patients has eroded. Unfortunately, as health care providers and
insurance companies jockey for the best ways to stay profitable,
the doctor/patient relationship has been a casualty.

We have all the time you need

At Executive Medical Centers, our practice is limited to around 400 patients per doctor. That’s less than 20 percent of a traditional practice. And while we do keep a first-come, first-served waiting list, our primary concern at all times is the health and well being of our limited number of current patients. Because we treat fewer individuals, we’re confident that we can give each of them all the time they need.
Because our practices are not run at the mercy of insurance companies, you can have the piece of mind of knowing that you’ll
always get the personalized treatment that you need without the second-guessing of a number cruncher located thousands of
miles away. Your days of being treated like a number are over.