Good-Care_2Good Care starts with a Story

At age five, you were hospitalized with asthma. When you were thirteen, your tonsils were removed. You are allergic to bee stings and lately you have had a lot of indigestion.
Add to this the stories of your parents and grandparents, the things passed from one generation to the next: diabetes, heart disease or cancer.
That story is what makes you who you are. It provides clues to the way your body works or maybe doesn’t work as well as it should. The trouble is, most doctors today must care for a few thousand patients and have little opportunity to take the time to know you story.
The physicians at Executive Medical Centers of Ohio keep their client list small because they believe that knowing your story is where good care begins.

Good Care is delivered by Good Service

At 5AM, you awaken with a sore belly and at 6AM, you call your doctor directly. You meet the doctor at the office at 7AM, have an ultrasound at 8, and you are talking to a surgeon about removing your gallbladder before lunchtime.
Having a doctor who cares enough to be immediately available, to be willing to see you when you need to be seen, to coordinate your care with subspecialists and surgeons, and to be with you when you’re hospitalized is essential for good care.
At EMC Ohio, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Duvall provide this kind of service to their clients, because they believe that being accessible and responsive is how good care is delivered.

Good Care is completed by a quality physician

Five characteristics can describe the doctor you want caring for you:

A good communicator with strong interpersonal skills
Experienced in the art and science of medicine
Well-trained and fully certified
Well-respected by his or her colleagues
A member of the community

At EMC Ohio, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Duvall meet and exceed these standards because they believe good care is completed by good doctors.